Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, I have allowed a widow with little children to be put in jail. How is justice best delivered to the people, I ask. Look me in the eyes, she said. Find me amongst criminals, find me further in the dregs of this society, stop when you find me in a shanty with my little children beside me.

I, too, seemed helpless. Maybe it’s too late for I have found you there, behind bars without your children.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shaping a Life

I have a new home. I just transferred hours ago and here I am slouching on the barren floor without a bed or any other muebles. That’s how literally barren my room is. Surrounding me are the bulky travel bags packed with unwashed laundry, thick books, mattresses, shoes, and a life full of unwanted memories. I will start a new a life here while the world continues to turn around as people grieve and live in fear; while nature wretches the living.

I feel so convenient in this new place. My office is just a stone’s throw away, the train could be heard from the distance, the horns of the buses are like buzzing bees. This is a new chapter yet again and this will be repeated soon and over and over as I try to shape a life I don’t understand. As I try to shape a life I do not own.