Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, I have allowed a widow with little children to be put in jail. How is justice best delivered to the people, I ask. Look me in the eyes, she said. Find me amongst criminals, find me further in the dregs of this society, stop when you find me in a shanty with my little children beside me.

I, too, seemed helpless. Maybe it’s too late for I have found you there, behind bars without your children.


  1. What a hopeless situation that is. She must have done something criminal for the law to justify separating her from her children? And the children...what happens to them? Are they better off without her? Very troubling situation, but not your fault.

  2. What happen to the children? Kawawa naman yung mga bata, cguradong mapapabayaan din ang mga yon and kapag lumaki na sila sa kulungan din ang bagsak nila. Bakit kaya ganyan ang batas sa Pilipinas.

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  3. I ask. Look me in the eyes, she said. Find me amongst criminals

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