Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Speak

You told me that I came first to your mind when you were planning on who will speak and grace your festivities. I was reluctant and told you that I could no longer indulge in real-time self-stories after I realized that my life was as good and bad like any else’s. But I gave in anyway for my distraught father’s pride.

Then I thought about speaking. I digress instantly. From where I am I tell you justice in this country is dug deep, six feet under and I am at a loss right now finding meaning in this vocation I had rather not chosen. Shall I say you stand guard? But definitely don’t take justice in your hands. Justice to each his own. Find it in the most peaceful and comforting ways and you will learn that this world is full of balance you have never known.


  1. Kim, who writes the blog Perfectly Cursed Life (my blogroll), absolutely hated the law and wrote interesting posts about her disappointment, and her ultimate decision to leave it behind. She just started grad school.

    Your last sentence here is lovely; the post is mysterious.


  2. Then I thought about speaking. I digress instantly.

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