Monday, June 29, 2009

What Not to Ask a Fledgling Lawyer?

1. So you drive a car now? Where’s your car? – You don’t win the lottery by passing the bar. In most cases you end up drowned in debt and utang na loob. The review created a hole in your pocket, the aftermath of passing the bar will create a debt bubble ready to burst and surpass statistics reached by the global economic recession. We don’t get a car instantly lest you forget not all of us know how to drive that wheels.

2. More admirers? More girls? Are you married yet? You don’t develop potion by being a lawyer. In most cases, as my companeros will later discover, being a lawyer will earn you much disgust less adoration. For girls, they prefer non-lawyers I think. For those who claim that they have magnet out of being a lawyer, it goes without saying that repulsive they may look but money matters. Hehe

3. Do you raise your voice in court? I want to see you in action mode and how you burst into anger. Maybe the one who asked you this is a legal drama fanatic. (but even in my favorite The Practice? Are there scenes like this?) There’s no such thing as courtroom drama in the Philippines for if that’s the case there should be a series now to capture that beautiful and captivating moment. Being the court is darn BORING. Scenes you see in the movies are exaggerated, overly done, over rated, over stated, oxymoron. . .check Encarta’s thesaurus to continue this harangue! You don’t shout in court although most of the time you are on the verge of shouting you just can’t. The courtroom is not the usual marketplace you think.

4. Oh, so I can kill a person now because I have a lawyer to defend me. By the way who’s sane lawyer would like to defend you? Go kill somebody and rut in jail!


  1. Re: #4, my ex-father-in-law, a lawyer in Houston, also a bailbondsman, also a serial husband, described his job as defending the huggers, muggers, and thieves.

  2. Interesting blog!

    Don't ask a lawyer to know everything right away because its a huge library for ALL CASES! That's why lawyers specialize cause the sheer amount of info is enough to drown even the best (except for those walking the thin line between intelligence and insanity).